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Tips and Resources for keeping your yard looking great.

Having a beautiful lawn can be hard work. Keeping up with the task and doing things the right way is crucial to success. These tips should make it easier.

To control weeds in your lawn:

Mow High - Some people think that healthy lawns look like putting greens. The fact is, longer grass grows longer, healthier roots. By raising the setting on your lawnmower, you'll do a lot to help your grass grow thick and healthy. A thick lawn keeps weeds out.

Water the Right Way- Lawns need water, but not too much or too little. Give your lawn a deep watering about once or twice a week. Frequent, shallow watering doesn't do much for lawns, but it's really helpful for weeds. Too little water stresses the lawn, and invites still more weeds to set up shop in your yard.

How to plant new grass seed:

Loosen up or aerate the soil. At least rake vigorously with a dirt rake. Spread grass seed evenly over the tilled areas. You can do this by hand or with a spreader for large areas. Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil. Use a treated soil that has balanced nutrients that encourages grass growth. Water appropriately. Keep the soil around the seed moist until the new greass grows as tall as the grass around it.



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